Plan your landscape shots

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Everybody will agree with me when I say that planning of landscape shots is essential part of landscape photography.

I  found a very useful tool for landscape photographers. It’s very nice application called  The Photographer’s Ephemeris.

It was first launched in a desktop edition in beta form in 2009. Created for photographers by a photographer, TPE is designed to allow outdoor photography shoots to be planned to ensure the best light for your subject. And I can confirm TPE can helps you plan your outdoor shoot, with full details of how the sun and moon move across the land, which absolutely great .

Best part of it is, that it’s absolutely FREE for desktop computers!!!!

And of course it’s available as Universal App for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, which can be very handy, outside on location. It can be downloaded via iTunes.

Have a look on TPE website and look around…

This is screen shot from TPE: 



Magic of pure photography-Pinhole

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Pinhole photography…’s simplest and magical way to do photography. You don’t need much, one box and a film medium. All the magic can begin. With pinhole camera you can enter a world of creative freedom, imagination and experimentation which alters your view of reality.

I built mine from pinhole camera kit, which you can easily get from ( link)

Diameter of hole is approx. 0.16 mm which gives me  focal length of 20mm and  Fstop F/130

Have a look, how my pinhole camera looks like:






I’m still amazed what can be done with simple paper box with tiny hole in the front. 😉 I think sometimes it’s good to forget about perfect lenses, accurate viewfinders and electronic shutters. In fact, forget about the cameras you are used to and discover  different world.

I set up little project for myself to do pinhole images of famous places and buildings. Who knows, maybe one day it will be a book….

How I’m doing so far, you can check here: Pinhole gallery