First phototrip of 2012

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Curbar Edge, UK 2012 Nikon D700, 18-35mm


British winter is a bit different than what I used to in Slovakia. We use to have a plenty of snow everywhere there, but here in UK it’s not like that. So far there was no snow in Peak District  this winter at all.

I already was on Curbar Edge before , once, to walk with my family. This place has all the characteristics to make it a firm favourite with many people. It has plenty of height above the villages of Calver and Curbar. The views along the valley below are fantastic. It is long enough to loose oneself exploring it. It has getting on for 300 climbing routes, many of a good height. The views to the side away from the valley aren’t bad either looking up to White Edge. There is a good footpath along it and easy car access. It can be taken in with many other walks. All in all it gets top marks!