Kaleidoscope – exhibition



Kaleidoscope exhibition will open the doors on 24/02/2015 and you are all welcome to see wide range of artistic work from 10 different artists. Exhibiting artists are members of Nottingham Vision Collective, creative group from Nottingham.

And this is how we set it up:

This is short movie from private view on 24/02/2015:

Exhibition is open daily until 03/03/2015 and admission is free.

Few pictures from the gallery:

Nottingham Vision Collective group introduction

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Nottingham Vision Collective exhibition, QMC 2014

Nottingham Vision Collective

I believe, it’s time to introduce another group of artists I belong to. It’s called Nottingham Vision Collective.

Nottingham Vision Collective group began it’s life as a group of photographers who came together in late 2012 to discuss a way of exhibiting their work. Since then group expanded  and I was fortunate enough to join the group in 2013/2014.

Group is currently planning an exhibition for Feb 2015 to include photographers, painters, and designers from across the East Midlands.  The artists in the group aim to present a “kaleidoscope of images”, all using different media and approaches to the visual arts. Watch this space for more info.