Happy new Year 2017

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PF 2017

I wish you all happy and prosperous New year 2017.

May the light be with you always.


Welsh 3000ft Project

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Welsh 3000ft Project

Welsh 3000ft project.

15 mountains in Wales are higher than 3000ft. Some people can do all of them in one single walk. But not me.

I have started this in 2009 not knowing, that I have actually started the project. I climbed the Snowdon in 2013 and officially started my Project Welsh 3000. (more…)

Darkroom Adventures

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The Darkroom Adventures

Its all started when  I wanted to print photos  from my  Harris trip. As i don’t own a professional photo printer at home, I had two options to go for. Either send the scans to digital lab or print it myself in the darkroom.

Second option was much more appealing , but there was one problem. Where will I find a darkroom?