… Le Sediment De La Lumiére …

Going back…to the future


One of my New Years Intentions ( I like the word Intention better than Resolution) was to slow down and try to shoot more analog.
I’m feeling that modern photography has put way too much emphasis on technology lately and magic of creating the picture is somehow slowly disappearing.


An Exhibition of Digital Art and Photography

QMC Exhibition

Together with Nottingham Vision Collective I will be exhibiting my work in QMC hospital  Peggy Greenfield Gallery, West Block, D Floor.

Exhibition is Open  from 05/03/2014 until 19/03/2014 24 hours a day.

You are all welcome to come and visit.

more info: http://www.nottinghamvisioncollective.co.uk/


Scotland expedition 10-13-10-13

Glencoe morning


You probably heard this million times. “Scotland is heaven for landscape photographers!”
There is not much to say to that, only that it is true…


Last Club Competition of the 2013

CHAMOIS (Rupicapra pyrenaica)

In my home photoclub (Nottingham Outlaws) we have competitions through whole year, but  the last one is the biggest one.


Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year PF2014


I had my ups and downs , but all in all 2013 was very good year!

Here’s to the NEW YEAR 2014!

Happy and successful New Year to you all !

“May the Light be with you”

Photographer’s Library : Jimmy Nelson – Before They Pass Away

Originally, this was suppose to be a review to a completely different book. But I had a delivery on Saturday….
Yes, all my notes about previous book went to one side, and I had to write few lines about this beautiful new addition to my photographic library. The title of the book is “Before they pass away” by Jimmy Nelson.


Kill Chaos….again….

It’s quite a Long time since I wrote something in my blog and plenty of things changed. What did not changed is my passion for photography.


Protected: Amanda and Chris Wedding day 28/10/2013

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Protected: Denise and Rob family photo session 08/09/2013

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Photographers Library : Sebastiao Salgado GENESIS





I remember the first time I saw one of the Salgado’s most famous pictures. I was amazed. It was one from The Workers project where man is trying to stop leaking oil setting on fire. Since then I was hooked and became a huge fan of Salgado’s work.


An evening with Charlie Waite

Arc & Line
Charlie Waite – Arc & line

It’s great that Nottingham and Notts photographic society carry on with organizing talks with masters of photography. I was really excited to go and see this year’s lecture of Charlie Waite.


Protected: Sophie and Edward – Wedding day 11 May 2013

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Ynys Môn (Anglesey)

Nikon D700,20mm,Lee ND grad 0.9

It’s been a long winter this year.We had snow here in England on some places, even after Easter.But time has come and I went out with my camera again.

First time I have been to Anglesey not long time ago in December 2012. Straight away I fell in love with the place. I had to come back. This time I wanted to see more , lot more…


Alport Castles

Peak District evening,Nikon D700 , Lee ND grad 0.6

I’m not sure how this part of Peak District slipped my attention until now. Honestly , I did not know about this strange but beautiful place until my friend Chris invited me for trip.


CWM IDWAL-revisited

LLyn Idwal, Snowdonia, Nikon D700,Lee ND 0.6

There are many beautiful places on the Earth , Cwm Idwal must be on the top of the list. Definitely, on the top of my list for sure…


Protected: Lisa’s Family photoshoot

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Back to the studio_first session of 2013

Yes, studio again. I felt, I’m loosing my touch with studio work so decision was quick. I wanted go back to studio soon…


Goyt valley

Nikon D700, 20mm,Lee Filters

What I like about Peak District is that it always surprises me ….


Last phototrip of 2012

Nikon D700,20/2.8 mm,Lee Filters

When I was asked to join my friends for photo trip in December, I have to admit, I was excited. Destination was Anglesey,  an island off the north west coast of Wales.

This year’s december was very wet, South part of Wales was flooded and it was raining when we set off from Nottingham. Our main goal was to photograph sunset on Black Point, especially Penmon Lighthouse  on the coast .


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!

What a fantastic year 2012  was !

I would like to thank you for all your support this year. I hope you will enjoy my photography in 2013 at least the same way as you did in 2012.

Very Merry Christmas and Happy and successful New Year 2013!
… and of course ” Good light ” ;-)



NEMPF Exhibition of Photography 2013


End of the year is also time to send some pictures off to annual exhibition organized by N&EMPF (North and East Midlands Photographic Federation).

Last year I entered just PDI (projected digital image) section and one of my pictures was accepted.I wanted more this year….


Morning at Bradgate

Nikon D700, Lee Grad ND 0.6

Bradgate park is an historic Mediaeval park in the heart of the ancient Charnwood Forest. It retains much of its original landscape with small woods, grassy slopes and rocky outcrops. Swithland Wood – 146 acres of Ancient Woodland. It is Leicestershire’s largest, most visited country park and was originally created as a deer park . Red and fallow deer can still be seen feeding among the bracken.


A trip called Kit Kat


Nikon D700

It’s more than a year , since I become a member of Nottingham Outlaws photographic society. When I joined last year, I was told that every year there is photo trip organised by the club. This time destination was Morecambe.

Morecambe as location was not very inspiring and we took to the Lake District or the North York moors for photo inspiration, so in all the location was reasonably central.


White Peak- Pilsbury Castle

Just to clarify, Pilsbury Castle is a place its not a castle…..anymore….

The castle was probably originally an Iron Age fortification before being used by the Normans, and indeed the name “Pilsbury Castle” forms from the Celtic “pil”, the Saxon “bury” and the Norman “castle”, all meaning “fortified site”. In early medieval times, the site would have been located along the River Dove routeway, and would also have overlooked a key crossing point.By the twentieth century there was little to see except for a mound on a limestone outcrop and the remains of various earthworks. At the beginning of the present century, however, archaeological surveys revealed the foundations of the castle. Very rich history indeed, but as usually I was interested more to explore place from photographic point of view.