Alport Castles

Peak District evening,Nikon D700 , Lee ND grad 0.6

I’m not sure how this part of Peak District slipped my attention until now. Honestly , I did not know about this strange but beautiful place until my friend Chris invited me for trip.

Alport Castles is probably one of the most spectacular landscape features in the Peak District. Reputed to be the largest natural landslip in the UK, it shows the powerful forces of nature at work here in this dramatic location.

This is sunset location and we went there afternoon, full of hopes for nice late light. We climb up and I was wondering how this place will be like. The view from the top is great. Standing on the top you can see whole landslip below,with main Tower in the middle.

Alport Castles,Nikon D700, Lee ND grad 0.9

While we walked along the ridge and searched for best spot, weather has changed.

Snow and rain made us to turn back. I did few reference shots for the future visit and headed back.

On my way down I stopped one more time . I noticed this tree before, on my way up to Castles. Light was somehow different as evening came and that’s why I decided to stop . Although it was raining, I did the shot above. Most definitely this is not a competition winner, but I like it nevertheless.

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