An evening with Joe Cornish

If you are into landscape photography you must know the name. One of the greatest British landscape photographers Joe Cornish. Master Cornish is one of my heroes, true master of camera. I already had 4 of his books and I love his work, his style and vision.

15/05/2012 Nottingham and Notts photographic society organised Joe Cornish’s talk and I bough my ticket in February. When the day finally came, I arrived to the venue and found it buzzing with excitement and quite busy. There was even raffle with Joe Cornish’s big print as a main price. Obviously all ticked have been already sold out….

Then I saw Joe next to the podium  with his books. I came closer ,said hello and asked him to sign two of his books what I brought with me. He gladly did it and then we had a little chat. At the end I invited him to Slovakia. 😉

His talk was great experience and he showed us around 170 pictures. Older shots but also recent work . Joe  talked about past , present and future of his photography, about cameras and gear.Great stuff.

Talk was split into two halfs and during the break I bought the latest Joe’s book Gallery and Joe signed it for me . I have to say , the quality of the book, print,design and the paper is absolutely wonderful. The book is covering last 10 years of existence  Joe Cornish Gallery. The choice of photography is predominantly regional, a reflection of the footprint of the gallery’s commercial success, and is most definitely accessible with classic images from the dales and moors interspersed with one or two pictures from beyond such as the sublime Millenium Bridge in Newcastle upon Tyne.It’s not too many text in it,and pictures are stunning.

It is really beautifull book and it has already proud place in my collection.






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  1. Really liked what you had to say in your post, An evening with Joe Cornish, thanks for the good read!
    — Ginette

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