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Brothers in Arms, 2016
Brothers in Arms, 2016

Since I bought 503CW, I knew that I’ll be not able to carry around medium frame camera and a full frame DSLR together. As much as I love my Nikon, I’ve decided that I will look for something smaller, but powerful….

I read quite a few reviews  for different cameras and I was not particularly decided which brand I want. “New” camera had to be smaller, lighter and easier to carry than full frame Nikon D700.  I also wanted this camera to have ability to shoot RAW and ability to use full manual .

I have looked into options from Nikon, Olympus, Sony and even Canon. Nothing from actual models really catched my eye (and heart)… Then I looked at FujiFilm X100T – “wow !!!” that little camera is really standing out of the crowd. Small, beautiful and powerful. I studied reviews and I knew I found THE camera. I decided to wait until Photography Show in Birmingham before I make my final decision…..

My friend Paul who is the expert for choosing the right camera, suggested that I should look at  FujiFilm X-Pro1 model as price went right down after X-Pro2 has been announced .

I gave it a go and realised that X-Pro1 may be better option than X100T. X-Pro1 is little big bigger than X100T, but it has an option to change lenses. I slowly started to drift towards the X-Pro1. I managed to borrow one, for all day hiking trip in Snowdonia and I found myself liking the camera a lot. Build to last and easy to operate. Camera is lot smaller than my trusted Nikon D700. There is a massive difference in size as you can see from pictures below.

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Also there was one more positive thing to consider – with right adaptor I can use all Nikon lenses I already have . I don’t have to abandon my 20mm prime “yay!” …

I made up my mind and bought X-Pro1 with 18-55 mm zoom lens. I love it. Hopefully it will be good companion for all future adventures….

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