Darkroom Adventures


The Darkroom Adventures

Its all started when  I wanted to print photos  from my  Harris trip. As i don’t own a professional photo printer at home, I had two options to go for. Either send the scans to digital lab or print it myself in the darkroom.

Second option was much more appealing , but there was one problem. Where will I find a darkroom?  

I started my research to see if there is a communal darkroom nearby.To my surprise, I have found company called Photo Parlour here in Nottingham and not very far from my house. Yay!!!

Photo Parlour Nottingham
Photo Parlour Nottingham

From here things followed fast. I gave a call to Dan ( lab owner and nice guy) and signed myself for the workshop. Workshop went well and I have made my first few prints. 


I have bought photo paper and went again . Spent all day there and came out with 4 usable prints. 

All this makes me want to do more and more printing.

Photo Parlour is great. It is not only lab and BW/ Colour darkroom but also has studio and a gallery space. Dan is top-rank teacher with endless knowledge. If you want to try printing  yourself , there is no better place to start….

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