First trips of 2017

First Trips of 2017

This season started early for me.

On 2nd January 2017, we left Notts at 5:20 in the morning heading to Peak District.

For the first trip of  2017, we went to photograph quite famous millstones under Stanage edge. This location is very popular due to easy access.You can walk to stones in 5 minutes from the car park.

I had Kodak Ektar 100 to test this morning and light was nice. For some reason, I have never shot with this stock. So, I was quite curious to see what this film has to offer for a landscape photographer. To be honest, I was very happy with the negatives once they come back from the lab. Colour pallet is very similar to Velvia 50. More shots from this morning soon in my gallery

Stanage Edge ,Kodak EKTAR 100 f/16 1.6s +0.9ND 50mm

Second trip:

For the second trip this year, we went to the seaside. I love the seaside. Saltburn -by – the- Sea is a little seaside town known for cliff lift and a pier.The Saltburn Cliff Lift is one of the world’s oldest water-powered funiculars.

Saltburn by the Sea, Cliff Lift and Pier, January 2017, Fuji Xpro 1

 Stay tuned for my colour shots from Saltburn. They are yet to be processed. We had a great morning with some beautiful sunrise so  I hope I will get some good shots from that.

We left Saltburn and visited a place called Paddy’s hole. Wikipedia facts: The Gare was constructed from January 1861 to 1884 using 5 million tonnes of blast furnace slag and 18,000 tons of cement at a total cost of £219,393. The slag was supplied free from Tees-side blast furnaces by ironmasters who paid for its removal. The north end of the breakwater carrying the lighthouse uses blocks of concrete weighing from 40 up to 300 tons in weight. 

I have never been here before. It’s a strange but interesting place….

There is a lighthouse, a little harbour with some fishing boats and a green fisherman huts…..all this with an industrial landscape in the background. Plenty of photo opportunities. There was a lot of mist (smog?) in the air and sun was already high when we arrived.  I have managed to take a few shots, but I feel, I need to come back to fully explore this place.

Paddy’s Hole, North Yorkshire, January 2017, Hasselblad Ilford Delta 100



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