Going back…to the future


One of my New Years Intentions ( I like the word Intention better than Resolution) was to slow down and try to shoot more analog.
I’m feeling that modern photography has put way too much emphasis on technology lately and magic of creating the picture is somehow slowly disappearing.

Looking back to the time when I did not have a DSRL, I can find strong shots and few of them are still in my personal top 10 ranking. Also, I found quite sad that I have no picture of my youngest son on the film…
So decision has been made – this year I’m going to do all my landscape work on B&W and slide film.
Focus more on what and how I’m shooting and do it classic way. Enjoy photography more and spend less time in front of computer screen.

I started to call this little project 360Ex. I’m aiming to shoot at least 10 films this year ( 36 exposures x 10 films). Does not sound like a lot on first sight. I know, but it will do as a start .
360 is probably average number of exposures I brought back from each digital shoot. This will mean really to slow down and think what,when and how to shoot.
I’m planning to process B&W myself(…yay!!!) and then second part (scanning,printing) will have to be digital unfortunately.It’s a long way to have my own dark room,but it is a target for the future.

Started from  19th of January, I set off for my first phototrip to Peak District – Chrome Hill.
I almost forgot how “much work” is it to get going on film. We arived bit late for sunset and I did not loaded my F5 with slide film at home…. mistake.Light was quite good, but not having film ready, I lost precious minutes with loading the camera. I believe I managed to do 2 exposures on Velvia 50 and then I switched to B&W.This has been already loaded into FM2. But I found another challenge.
Filters.Two years ago I switched from Cokin to LEE Filter system.Which is quite nice,but I have had no BW filters for Lee, only for Cokin.This means to carry two lots of filters and fiddle with rings.And again loosing precious time…
That day I managed to come back with cca 10 shots(2color slides and 8 B&W) but I realized I enjoyed it more than to shoot hundreds.But also found another positive thing.After digital shoot I usually rushed to computer to download shots and browse them to see what I have. Instead of this I found myself to have more time to do “other things”…great.

Secound trip was again to Peak District,this time Ramshaw rocks. Armed with my F5 (film loaded this time) and Fm2 I walked up to Ramshaw rocks and found them quite beautiful.
It was good photoshoot ( except annoying  changes of filter systems) and again I enjoyed whole experience very much.I decided that next thing I need to buy is a set of BW filters for LEE.

Third trip this year was a big one to the seaside. I think I will write about this in next blog as it was quite eventful. Stay tuned 🙂

So all in all good start I think.
More than anything, I’m enjoying the journey.I’m expecting to have various results from this project,and maybe no results at all.But it’s OK.
If I have 12 usable shots for calendar 2015 at the end of the year I’ll be happy….

After quick chat at camera club Paul, one of my friends said he have still some film in the fridge (out of date) and he can bring it to me. Great.
He also brought me some 120 film which I took as well.
Previous year same Paul gave me old folding Kodak camera (LINK). I did little bit of research and find out that it is around 100 years old.Then came a thought what about to try it? I had some 120 film and I have a camera, there is nothing to loose.

Old Beauty
Old Beauty

So I loaded film and then realised that there are no “proper”apperture numbers on it. 🙂 Just 1 2 3 4…. Thank God for internet. I managed to find conversion table and eventually did some shots…
Beautiful,It’s hard to explain how enjoyable that was. To see 100 year old camera working is amazing.
But it’s not over.Second part of this little adventure will be processing.
So keep checking the blog,to see if I managed to get som pictures out of it….


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