It’s hot hot hot

Salt Cellar evening, Derwent Edge Peak District summer 2018

This heatwave is still on and struggle is real.

It’s hot hot hot.

I prefer much cooler weather and if I had to choose I would select autumn weather over this heat. I have mentioned previously, summer is not my favourite photo season, but I’m trying to go out and shoot landscapes anyway. Last weekend I decided to go back to Peaks and shoot the sunset. There are a few sunset locations there. One of them was on the list for quite a long time.Popular by walkers and photographers – Derwent edge and Salt Cellar.

Evening at Salt Cellar , Peak District UK 2018
Evening at Salt Cellar, Peak District UK 2018

I have walked Derwent edge before but, this will be the first time I will shoot there. Sunset time was 9:40 pm, so we had plenty of time and left Nottingham at around 5:45 pm. Roads were quite empty due to Worldcup football game, so we reach Cutthroat bridge car par in an hour drive. As expected car park was empty.If you are planning to visit this location during the season peak times it is worth to come early as parking can be limited.

Time to reach the Salt Cellar may vary, but it is approximately an hour and a half of pleasant ascend. Once you reach paths crossroad on Whinstone Lee Tor you will have amazing views. A clearly defined path is leading up and you soon reach Wheel Stones and White Tor. Those can be also a great location for a landscape shoot. But today I’m heading for Salt Cellar.

Shooting at Salt Cellar, Peak District UK summer 2018
Shooting at Salt Cellar, Peak District UK summer 2018

Salt Cellar

Salt Cellar is a prominent rock formation on the left side of the path and it can be easily missed so keep your eyes open once you pass White Tor. I arrived with plenty of spare time and immediately started to look for the best possible composition. After 4 exposures on black and white Ilford Delta 100, it was time to switch to Velvia 50 and wait for the light. A bit disappointingly light was not as intense as I hoped for. Because of the cloudless sky, I have tried to eliminate it from in my composition. Saying that sky colours have been amazing so I did 8 exposures nevertheless.

I have tested app called Film Rolls for logging in the shot data and it worked absolutely fine. Love this idea which will give me all the EXIF data I need for my film shot. If you are a film shooter go and check it. It’s quite cool.

And that’s about it for today. The trip was great and I can’t wait to see exposed slides. Stay tuned for the results!

Have you been to Salt Cellar? Which view is your favourite?

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