Last phototrip of 2012

Nikon D700,20/2.8 mm,Lee Filters

When I was asked to join my friends for photo trip in December, I have to admit, I was excited. Destination was Anglesey,  an island off the north west coast of Wales.

This year’s december was very wet, South part of Wales was flooded and it was raining when we set off from Nottingham. Our main goal was to photograph sunset on Black Point, especially Penmon Lighthouse  on the coast .

We get there with plenty of time before sunset and decided to find old Baron Hill mansion. It was established in 1618, in preparation for Prince Henry of Wales’s progress to Ireland, by Sir Richard Bulkeley as the family seat of the influential Bulkeley family. During World War I, death duties soaked up the family fortune and made it impossible for the family (by then called Williams-Bulkeley) to continue to maintain the house. In World War II the Royal Engineers were stationed at the house. It was later damaged by fire, but the shell of the house survives.Quite sad .It must have been splendid house in it’s hay day. Now its just a ruin , but very interesting ruin…

Nikon D700,20/2.8mm ,Lee Filters

Then we set off for the coast for sunset.Through village of Beaumaris and Penmon we reached the coast. It was nearly dark and I did my first couple of exposures. This place is called Black point.And it’s clear why.

Because of very dark bottom against bright sunset sky it was quite a challenge to get exposure right. Soon came sunset /dark and light rain. Even bigger challenge, especially to keep filters clean from raindrops.Photographic heaven :-). We stayed longer after sunset and did few exposures in the dark.

What a great end of the year. It’s amazing to be on seaside. I love it.I have to do this more often…

Nikon D700,20/2.8 mm, Lee Filters
Nikon D700,20/2.8mm,Lee Filters
Nikon D700, 20/2.8mm, Lee Filters
Nikon D700, 20/2.8 mm

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