New year, new start. Going bigger…..

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I don’t remember exactly when I started to think about buying a medium format camera.
It was long time ago, a long time before I’ve bought my digital SLR D700.
I’ve always adored look and feel of photographs made by medium frame camera.

And there was another thing. I love the design,simplicity and how well engineered those cameras are. They are true things of beauty.
Every year I was thinking about to go for it, but I haven’t for various reasons. Somebody very wise once said “…all good things come to those who wait”…
At the very end of 2015 I’ve made my decision and with approval of my wife ( love you M.) I went on ebay.
I bought my first medium format camera. Beautiful Hasselblad 503 CW.
A body with 80mm lens and A12 back in chrome.
I knew,that this is not the end and new system requires more research/learning and mainly more investments.
So second A12 back quickly followed.
10/01/2016 was the day when I took 503 CW for the very first trip  and I’ve realized ho much I need 1 degree light-meter.
And also Lee adapter ring for filters. Nevertheless it was good trip and I managed to run my first roll of Kodak T-max 100 through the camera.
Results? Not bad for a test shots IMHO. Have a look :

With one lens in Landscape photography I feel quite restricted . So, I started to look for wide angle lens.
50 mm lens seemed like a good choice, mainly due to price, as I quickly found out – all lenses below 50 mm are quite expensive.
There are few types of the  Hasselblad 50 mm lens.I managed to found CF type in like new condition for very good price on the web and I quickly decided I will part-exchange my wideangle Nikon 18-35mm for Distagon 50mm CF.
My first part-exchange ever. I get a bit less money for Nikon lens than I’ve anticipated, but I didn’t want to miss this deal… so soon my 50 mm Distagon arrived.
For now I’ve stopped there. This set up will give me all what I need for my landscape work for now…

It’s time to start planning some photo trips. 🙂

This change is so exciting and I’m looking forward to see where it will take me…..


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