Photographer’s library – Masters of Landscape Photography

Masters of Landscape Photography

Photographer’s library – Masters of Landscape Photography

First published 2017 by Ammonite Press

This book came to me as a very nice surprise. I get it for Christmas.

Nicely presented, this book brings together work of 16 of the world’s leading landscape photographers.

I can say, I was really impressed with the quality of the reproduced pictures completed with technical details and Q&A interviews with each artist. I already knew work of some of the photographers, but this book introduced me to a few new artists.

Each artist has his own chapter dependant on what his/her work is focused on.

Contributing artists are:

  • Art Wolfe – Master of Conservation
  • Colin Prior – Master of Mountains
  • Daniel Kordan – Master of Adventure
  • David Noton – Master of Light
  • Hans Strand – Master of Intimate Landscapes
  • Joe Cornish – Master of Balance
  • Jonathan Chritchley – Master of Minimalism
  • Lars Van De Goor – Master of Woodland
  • Marc Adamus – Master of Wilderness
  • Mark Bauer – Master of Mood
  • Mikko Lagerstedt – Master of Nighttime
  • Ross Hoddinott – Master of Simplicity
  • Sandra Bartocha – Master of Creativity
  • Thierry Bornier – Master of Weather
  • Tom Mackie – Master of Colour
  • Valda Bailey – Master of Impressionism
Masters of Landscape Photography
Masters of Landscape Photography
Masters of Landscape Photography
Masters of Landscape Photography

So, are pictures in this book any good?

I can honestly say they are excellent and I found myself totally immersed browsing through the book. Also, I was really pleased to see work of Joe Cornish as I am a massive fan of his. There are many photographers I have not come across and I just loved photos by Lars Van De Goor. Truly fantastic collection of pictures full of the poetry of nature. Another new name to me was Sandra Bartocha. Very inspirational set of pictures well deserved to be included in this book.


To conclude this review I can recommend Masters of Landscape Photography book to every landscape photographer or landscape photography lover. This book is not just another collection of landscape photographs. It’s very interesting to read and understand the approach of masters of landscape photography. It will make a great gift.

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