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Odysseys and Photographs book.

Four National Geographic field men.

Hardcover, English edition (c)2008 National Geographic Society

Who does not know The National Geographic Society?  I am sure there are not that many people here not knowing what I am talking about. 

I was a massive fan of the magazine from a young age and still am. Photographs in each edition were just amazing. One of the reasons why I photograph is NG magazine.

Odysseys and Photographs book.
Odysseys and Photographs book.

Odyssey and Photographs: Four National Geographic field men is the book which celebrates life and work of  4 legendary NG photographers:

  • Maynard Owen Williams (1919-1953)
  • Luis Marden (1934-1976)
  • Wolkmar Wentzel (1937-1985)
  • Thomas Abercrombie (1956-1994)

All 4 of them recorded a remarkable era and each had his own interests and his own distinctive style. 

The book is divided into 4 standalone chapters for each photographer. Chapters are open with the essay following up to 50 pages of breathtaking historic images, many of which lay hidden in National Geographic archives for decades. If you are a reader of the magazine you will be familiar with the majority of them. The print of the book is really high quality, as you would expect from NG. Both black and white and colour pictures just stand out. At the end of the book is the list of all Publications in NG magazine for each photographer in case you want to trace it back to the original issue.


Odysseys and Photographs book.
Odysseys and Photographs book.
Odysseys and Photographs book.
Odysseys and Photographs book.

When I picked up this book and started to look through it I instantly recognized the shots. I had to buy it and have in my library. This book is not just a picture book. Any reader with interest in world history, biography, and great pictures will find this book amazing.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I think every photographer should have it in the library. And it will certainly make a great present.

I have picked my copy in a second-hand book shop, but you can purchase a copy on Amazon.

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What is your favourite photo book? Leave me your suggestions below.



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