Quick weekend trips to Peak District

The Roaches , Peak District UK

I’m so blessed to have Peak District close by. It takes an hour to get to the Peaks for me.

Last few weekends I went out. Although I enjoyed the trips a lot, I don’t think I have many pictures to show. Let’s talk about a few locations I have been to.

Burbage Rocks

It is so easy to get to the Burbage Rocks and I’m surprised there are not that many shots visible on the net from this location. Just park near the Bridge and walk for a few minutes and you ready to shoot. Although this is not strictly a sunrise location I went for sunrise and did few exposures. Still not sure if I like them but they are below, have a look…

The Woolpacks

This place! I have been there before and shot it on 35 mm film. First time with medium format camera. And I felt it. That gear’s heavy.

You have a few options on how to get to the Woolpacks. Park your car at Barber Booth car park ( ///engulfing.spots.clips), this is the best place to start. On this day we came up via Crowden Brook. It’s a nice walk but may be challenging if you are not used to walking in the Peaks. A lot of opportunities for water photography stream creates various small waterfalls. If you are in this kind of photography, you will not be disappointed. Once you reach the top it’s nice and easy. Truly, this place is amazing. It’s like nature’s sculpture park. I feel like I have just scratched the surface here. Although I have been here already a few times I’m already planning to go back…

If you haven’t been – don’t think just go! 

The Roaches

Who does not know the Roaches?

Although this place is super popular by walkers, climbers and photographers I found it pretty people free this time. It can be a very busy place, but I had it all for myself. Nice.

The plan was to chase the sunset light but the sky did not want to play this time. With massive cloud on the west, I had a very small chance for any light. But that did not stop me from exploring. I found burned forest just below the edge of the Roaches which gave me a chance to test my composition skills. It was great fun and I think I have one shot which I like. I shot both, Black and white  and Slide film but the slide is not processed yet….

Stay tune for the results.

What about you? Where do you go , what you shoot during the summer?

Let me know below!

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