Scotland trip 2014

It’s going without saying , I love Scotland.

Straight after last year’s Scotland trip  we decided. We are going again.
This time we wanted to see places we did not manage to see last year.Main locations: Isle of Skye – Torridon.

Again, 4 of us agreed to go to Scotland trip : Myself , Paul and Robo ( last year companions) with addition of our friend Stefan. We started our trip on beautiful part of Isle of Skye – Neist Point. Place is famous for its lighthouse and it is very popular spot for walkers and photographers. Evening was great and we had some light.Next morning we decided, after suggestion of B&B owner,that best place for sunrise session will be directly opposite the lighthouse.And it was pretty spectacular. Watching the first light touching the ground is always a treat.Despite of wet feet we enjoy it and did lots of shots.

Robo is enjoying sunset at Neist Point
Robo enjoying sunset at Neist Point
Neist point
Morning at Neist Point. October 2014
... Paul at work
… Paul at work

Then we made our way to village of Carbost. On the way there we stopped to explore another quite well-known location – Fairy Pools.( for some weird reason I was calling this place fairytale pools … silly me) Day was beautiful, but too beautiful for photography.Light was too harsh but we went to explore nevertheless. Place was full of people,but it did not stop us to take some pictures. Unfortunately Paul hit the ground an his lens broke. Very unfortunate and quite dissapointing….Luckily Paul did not hurt himself so we did carry on with our trip.

photographer at work (me), photo by Robo Stefanka
photographer at work (me) , photo by Robo Stefanka

After checking in B&B we went to famous Talisker bay. Talisker bay gave name to the famous whiskey produced in Carbost. It is only distillery on Isle of Skye and if you are whiskey lover this is the place to go. We had full tour + tasting session and  it was brilliant. 🙂

...Stefan at work - Talisker bay
…Stefan at work – Talisker bay
Talisker Distillery
…. in good mood in front of Tasker Distillery building

Then it was time to say goodbye to Isle of Skye and we headed to the next destination – Torridon mountains. Torridon mountains are among the most dramatic and spectacular peaks in the British Isles and made of some of the oldest rocks in the world. 

This is the place where I can imagine myself to stay and take pictures for weeks.This place has it all: lakes, mountains, trees….. you name it. On the way to B&B we’ve been scouting locations as is was first time for us to be here. As usual we were struggling with the time. Checked in B&B and then off we went for evening photo shoot. This time we had a little bit of rain but we waited a bit in a car (with a beer). Once rain stopped we were off. Locations around Loch Clair are magical.Peak of Liathach is standing as a guard above this little loch. Sunset light was magical and we enjoyed the last minutes of sunset very much.

Loch Clair evening
Loch Clair evening

Next morning we started late and stopped at the Loch Maree. Sun was already high, but we managed to do few shots. I love the place and I will return here. For sure. Unfortunately we had to hit the road again. To the last leg of our trip – destination Edinburgh. On the way home we made stop at Dalwhinnie distillery. Another tour and of course another tasting session. Beautiful.

Loch Maree

Edinburgh is great. In the evening we had few beers in a pub and next day, trip was over.

Here is to the next trip!

Scottish Crew 2014
Scottish Crew 2014