Sherwood Forest photography project

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Sherwood Forest photography project

Sherwood Forest photography project

Sherwood Forest is a place well known around the world. Everybody heard about Robin Hood and his Merry Men. This is the place where they lived. But there are not that many ( “good” )pictures of Sherwood forest. At least for me. It was very difficult to find a picture which I really liked.

How hard could it be to make pictures which will describe this forest in a new way?  To make photos of places which are mostly overlooked and not so characteristic for Sherwood forest but still interesting? What the hell, I ‘m ready to give it a go . Sherwood Forest photography project was born….

The decision to shoot this project with my medium format camera on black and white film was quite easy. Because of the nature of the forest, the hardest part is to find the new way of looking. To find the compositions and new ways of portrait this habitat.And this is a challenge for me, quite big challenge. To start with, I didn’t like this forest that much. Trees are not straight and tall, there is a lot of undergrowth and many bushes.

f16 1/4s +Orange 80mm

I’m still searching for the pictures and I have no idea when and if Sherwood Forest photography project will be over. I’m not giving myself any deadlines. Every time I’m there I find a new place or hidden gem. The forest is slowly growing on me……

I have the vision to print final images by myself in the darkroom on fibre based paper and present them in nice, specially made box when the time is right. Stay tuned for more update …

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