So how was the 2019

With the year 2019 gone, it’s time to look back.

Here are a few numbers about last year.

2019 in numbers:

Photographic trips: 16. All around the UK. It’s less than 2018, but I’m quite pleased with the number anyway. Hopefully, 2020 will be better.

Films exposed/processed: 25 + 44 . This is 35mm and 120 films together. I did 44 exposures on 4×5 large format.  As always, I have expected more, but it is what it is hope I will shot more in 2020 

Festivals: 2. Lady Bay Arts Trail and Sherwood Arts Week Festival. Fantastic! I love art festivals and I hope I will carry on exhibiting my work in the following years.

LBAT 2019

New cameras 4: Half frame Olympus PEN EE3,  plastic toy panoramic camera, 110 format Kodak 600 and my new favourite 4×5 large format MPP VII camera.  I sold my drone and invested money into large format. As you can tell, this year was all about trying new formats. I love half-frame but 110 not as much. What I can tell for sure is that 4x5x large format is here to stay. I love the process and results I get from this format.

MPP MkVII and Olympus Pen EE-3
MPP MkVII and Olympus Pen EE-3

Wedding shots: 0. No weddings this year! Exactly how I wanted it, it’s great to have a little break from the stress surrounding weddings.

Biggest disappointment:  Not to be selected into the Off Centre festival this year. šŸ™ To be fair my project was not properly presented and I was half expected not to get in.

All in all, this was a year when I tried and tested a few new formats. I made a jump into the large format photography, I have tested half-frame and I love it. I hope 2020 will find me to shoot more 4×5 large format working on a meaningful project.

Here is to the 2020 adventures !!!! 

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