So how was the year 2020

So how was the year 2020.

This year was everything but normal.

Pandemic changed everything that we planned and with no travel, there were a lot less photographic opportunities. Same applies for exhibitions and festivals.

The year 2020 in numbers:

Photo trips: 10

Compared to the previous year this number is so low. But Covid-19 has a lot to do with this. Since March we have been in lockdown and travel was very restricted. Although 10 photo trips seem like not a lot I am very grateful that I went out and shot some film. I really hope 2021 will be better.

Films exposed/processed: 25 rolls( 35mm and 120 )+ 45 large format 4×5 exposures.

The final count of the produced work was quite impressive. My expectation was a lot less. I did not go out very often but I did quite a few 35mm films shoots at home, recording lockdown. The plan is to produce a photo book from this material when we are back in “normal”. Also, my older son Tom started to shot film ( he bought his own Olympus Mju) which made me very happy.

The big news is I have started to develop my colour negative films this year! I guess the next step is to learn how to develop slides. 

Festivals/Exhibitions: 0

Yeah, as expected I did not participate on any festival or exhibition. Nobody did, everything was cancelled. Even Photoshow in Birmingham was cancelled this year.

Saying that I have entered one online competition. It was with Analogue wonderland and Kodak. I was super excited to find out that my picture was selected as a grand winner !!!

New cameras: 2+1

Firstly I would like to say, I don’t need more cameras. But, I bought a few more anyway :-).

The first camera bought this year was my childhood dream camera. Nikon F4 king of the SLRs. I always wanted this camera and this year I decided to pull the trigger and get one on eBay. What a beauty! I really love this camera.

The second camera I bought was a little plastic fantastic Sprocket Rocket made by Lomography. Just for fun. It produces brilliant but not very sharp panoramic images. I love it. 

Sprocket Rocket _HP5+400_Cool kids 2020
Sprocket Rocket _Kodak400_ Sneinton Market 2020

+1 is a drone. Yes, I decided to go back to droning and I bought a DJI Mavic mini. So I can fly again.

Photo books: 4

I was so grateful for the opportunity lock-down gave me. Yes, grateful.

Suddenly, I had the time to go through my archives and put together a collection of my favourite shots. While ago, I named collection of my landscape work  Lands of The Light. Idea was to produce summary landscape books from different countries I have visited. Lands of The Light/Slovakia book was completed a few years ago and it was time for Great Britain landscapes. I have divided GB into years and created Lands of The Light/Great Britain vol.1 (2006-2012) and Lands of The Light/Great Britain vol.2 (2013-2018). was my chosen printer service and I am very pleased with the quality they produce. Have a look and click on the links above.

I had one book on my to-do list for 5 years and never had a chance to work on it. It was the book of the first 6 years of the life of my younger son. I forgot how enjoyable family shots can be. This was really enjoyable work and this book was also printed via

The last book produced this year was promotional book via Read the whole story here.

Wedding shots: 1

In general, I’m trying to get away from shooting weddings but this was an exception. I shot the wedding of Veronica and Graham in August.

Covid – 19 regulations made this a unique ceremony, where we had to wear face masks. But despite that, this wedding was fabulous and I enjoyed it a lot.

Biggest disappointment:

There is not a single biggest disappointment in 2020. Travel restriction affected all of us and I did not go out shooting as often as I wanted. That was depressing.

I was disappointed because of all cancelled exhibitions and shows. I really missed that…


So how was the year 2020?

In summary, 2020 was not a bad year photographically. I did manage to go out and shoot a bit, I did a lot of photographing around our house and family. Also, I managed to complete my portfolio books which made me happy. Bought a drone again and surprisingly really enjoyed go back into flying.

For 2021 I wish for all of us good health and lots of inspiration.

All the rest will come with it.

How was your year? Let me know in the comments box below!


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