Tiny little project

This project started as a joke one day when I was was waiting for the light. Playing with the phone i took a quick shot of my camera setup in the  landscape. Actually it was not a project at that stage. Just a record shot from the photo trip …. Continue reading “Tiny little project”

Photographer’s Library : Jimmy Nelson – Before They Pass Away

Originally, this was suppose to be a review to a completely different book. But I had a delivery on Saturday….
Yes, all my notes about previous book went to one side, and I had to write few lines about this beautiful new addition to my photographic library. The title of the book is “Before they pass away” by Jimmy Nelson.

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Photographers Library : Sebastiao Salgado GENESIS



I remember the first time I saw one of the Salgado’s most famous pictures. I was amazed. It was one from The Workers project where man is trying to stop leaking oil setting on fire. Since then I was hooked and became a huge fan of Salgado’s work.

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An evening with Charlie Waite

Arc & Line
Charlie Waite – Arc & line

It’s great that Nottingham and Notts photographic society carry on with organizing talks with masters of photography. I was really excited to go and see this year’s lecture of Charlie Waite.

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