Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support this year. Please stay tuned for next year because lot more is coming….
I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy and successful New Year 2012!
… and of course ” Good light ” ūüėČ


Lake District

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Grasmere Lake_Nikon D700, 18-35mm, Cokin ND


I think Lake District doesn’t need¬†no¬†introduction. This magnificent piece of landscape is visited by millions of people every year. It was my 4-th visit ¬†and I was hoping I could catch this landscape lit by beautiful light this time.Previously I had no luck. Rain , rain, heavy clouds and rain….

I woke up at 2:30 am and together with Chris, my friend from our Camera club  we set off to Lakes. Destination Blea Tarn.
When we park the car quess what? Started to rain. Great, I told to myself, just great. It was still dark and we were sitting in the car.

After few minutes rain stops and we climb out of the car and went to see what Blea Tarn has to offer for us. This place is great, really nice calm lake with mountains in the background. With heavy clouds above us we hoped that weather would improve.¬† I did few shots but I was not satisfied and I moved close to the lake. Then, suddenly for few minutes clouds broke apart and we had nice blue sky to work with. This doesn’t last long but we still managed to do some shots. Then started to rain again and we decided to go for full English breakfast. Our friend Paul was guest of one of the B&B nearby, so he invited us there. I must admit it was great idea ;-),I loved it, outside was raining and we were eating beautiful breakfast and we had a nice cup of coffee. Luckily when we finished our breakfast, rain stopped and it was time to move on.

We looked into map and decision was clear. Visit one more lake ( I didn’t do much here…) and then we headed to visit Grasmere lake. Beautifully located between hills, Grasmere lake is great location. Chris and Paul stayed on the main path, but I wanted to see full lake from above, so I walked up. When I stopped and look around I new it was good decision to wake up that early. Lake with surrounding mountains was in front of me. With heavy clouds above there was no great deal but there was still a chance that sun can break through. I setup my tripod and compose my shot with nice tree and rocks in the foreground and I was waiting…. Then for few seconds heaven opened, sun came out and shine the landscape. I was pressing cable release in hope I can do at least one good shot…..

…and this is story behind this shot.


If you want to see more please visit my landscape galleries.




Dark Peak… a story behind the photograph

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Sometimes it’s bit of luck, sometimes it’s result of very hard and never-ending visits of the place…..

This place stands on the borders of the Dark and White Peaks and looks into the heart of both. It was one of my very first photo trips to Peak District after I moved to UK. And straight away a knew… this place is magical. Armed with my trusted old film camera Nikon F70 with Fuji Velvia RVP50 slide film in it, I was standing on The Mam Tor one of the highest hills in Pennines and I was waiting for the sunrise.Great Ridge is pretty much east – west orientated and I realised there is only two ways I can do pictures this morning. Shooting into sun or turn around and shoot with sun shining into my back. I did my first shot on the top of the Mam Tor but it was not was what I wanted. I decided to go along the ridge and search for best place to setup my tripod.I love this part of photography, wandering around and looking for right spot…..
Sometimes it’s bit of luck, sometimes it’s result of many visits of the place…. this time I was lucky.Very first visit and as an outcome great picture. This shot is still one of my all time favourites. Recently it won Nottingham Outlaw Photographic society club competition in Open category and I believe it will be in my portfolio very long time….

Camera: Nikon F70, Lens Nikkor 35-80mm, FilmFuji Velvia RVP 50, Filter : Cokin ND Grad Soft


Back to North

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Northumberland – this land is amazing, truly magnificent place full of history and very hard to define wild beauty. This was my second visit and I have to admit, I’m in love with this country. It’ something magic there…

There are so many places to visit. Historical Roman Hadrian’s wall and ancient cities od Roman’s, many beautifull castles and romantic ruins. Then, there is a Lindisfarne – Holy Island, sacred place with Abbey ruins and Castle and of course the sea.

Ahhh….So many places to visit and so little time…

This time I visited just few but I promised to myself ¬†– I have to come back again….

You can see pictures from my trip on my  CASTLES, ABBEYS AND FAMOUS BUILDINGS page.


Light on the Edge

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Peak District UK 2011

Peak District UK,2011

People saying that weather in UK is unpredictable and bad, but I must say weather this summer is quite nice here in UK. Forecast for Saturday was good and I decided to go for Light hunting to Peak District. My very good photo-friend Paul went with me – destination Stanage Edge.

Stange Edge is the largest and most impresive of the edges in Peak District. It stretches for a lenght of approximately of 6km (3.6 mile)from its northern tip at Stanage End to the southern point near the Copwer stone. It is famous locations for rock climbing and  a popular spot for walkers.

But we did not came here to do climbing, ¬†we came to catch the light.We started of from parking and walked up under the edge ¬†where we found mill stones all around the place. Because sun was still up¬†high we did a bit of composition exercises and then we decided to go on the top of the edge and we started to look for good places for shooting. On first sight this land is flat without details and quite boring. But once you start to look for details ¬†you’ll be suprised. Very.

Stanage Edge is long and we managed to walk ¬†very short distance only, but I know that sunset on Stanage will be always great, so I’m already looking forward to go back there…

Shots from this trip are  in my LANDSCAPES gallery.



Plan your landscape shots

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Everybody will agree with me when I say that planning of landscape shots is essential part of landscape photography.

I ¬†found a very useful tool for landscape photographers. It’s very nice application called ¬†The Photographer’s Ephemeris.

It was first launched in a desktop edition in beta form in 2009. Created for photographers by a photographer, TPE is designed to allow outdoor photography shoots to be planned to ensure the best light for your subject. And I can confirm TPE can helps you plan your outdoor shoot, with full details of how the sun and moon move across the land, which absolutely great .

Best part of it is, that it’s absolutely FREE for desktop computers!!!!

And of course it’s available as¬†Universal App for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, which can be very handy, outside on location. It can be downloaded via iTunes.

Have a look on TPE website and look around…

This is screen shot from TPE: 




Location hunting_The Roaches

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Peak District is national park situated in Derbyshire, which is pretty much in the middle of England. As it is nearest national park to Nottingham. I’m always trying to escape there and find beautiful places to photograph. This time I decided to visit The Roaches and ¬†Lud’s Church which is linked with many legends. Famous¬†Roaches (or Roches) is a wind-carved outcrop of gritstone rocks straddling the parishes of Leekfrith and Heathylee in the Peak District National Park about 4 miles north of Leek, Staffordshire and 8 miles south of Buxton, Derbyshire.


Weather was beautiful and the sun up high, so I decided to visit Lud’s Church first. Although described on the map as a cave it is really a large landslip,lost among the trees of Forest Wood.

Lud’s Church¬†is a chasm about 15m(50ft) deep and about 100m long. There are many legends linked with Lud’s Church.¬†Robin Hood,¬†Friar Tuck and¬†Bonny Prince Charlie are all reputed to have hidden from the authorities within the chasm.Ralph Elliott, local¬†Luddites (known to be active in the area during the Luddite protests), and others have identified Lud’s Church as the Green Chapel of ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’.¬†Another legend has it that Lud’s Church was named after a horse: supposedly, a huntsman was pursuing a deer and as he followed it on horseback he was led to the chasm. The hunter failed to see the danger but his horse, Lud, did: when the rider went too close, the horse bucked and threw him to his death in the chasm. There are also connected rumours that originate from a similar period in time, suggesting that the hunter that was killed still roams around the woods and the area. It is said that he is covered from head to toe in moss and leaves so the locals called this legendary being the green man…..

It’s great place for taking pictures ¬†when sun is high. As it’s deep there is no direct light and in the summer, interior of chasm is bright ¬†green.







Then it was time to go back to the Roaches. It’s stunning view from Roaches.In sunny days like this you can see far away. As I walked pass i found many beautiful spots for taking pictures. There is also small pool called Doxey Pool. And of course it has it’s legend too. :-). This shallow ,peaty pool is said to have no inlet nor outlet, and is the home of a seductive siren of a mermaid, who attracts unwise young men to a watery grave…. As I’m not unwise I survived and I safely walked past. ūüôā

I finished my walk in the col between The Roaches and Hen Cloud,which stands like a miniature Rock of Gibraltar.

This is amazing piece of landscape, well worth to visit. Unfortunately I did not stay for sunset. Location is ideally orientated for it. I’ll definitely come back here , for some shots. I hope ¬†I’ll be lucky to catch the¬†last light shining through clouds….






Lands of the Light/Slovakia

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When i left Slovakia, my time for taking pictures of Slovak landscapes was pretty much over. I collected my best shots from Slovakia and created this book. It’s only Slovak language version now , but I’m working on it and soon an english version of this book should be out too. Watch this space for more info.

Here is the book, please have a look:

Krajiny svetla/ Slovakia (Lands of the Light/Slovakia)