Medium Format : Picture of the week

Medium format: Picture of the week

Salwicks Bay, Flamborough head, Yorkshire coast  UK 2017 
Hasselblad 503CW f22/10sec +0.9LEE Filter 80mm
Salwicks Bay, Flamborough head, Yorkshire coast  UK 2017 Hasselblad 503CW f22/10sec +0.9LEE Filter 80mm

Quiet morning at Salwicks Bay, Flamborough head, Yorkshire coast  UK 2017 

Last photo trip of the year 2014

Last photo trip of the year is already something like a tradition. Every year my friend Chris is organising an all day trip to coast. 2014 was not an exception and despite the weather ( it was snowing in Midlands…) we set off for North Wales coast .

Talacre lighthouse,North Wales UK 2014
Talacre lighthouse,North Wales UK 2014

Last photo trip 2014 started from Nottingham at 4 am we drove to village of Talacre. Lighthouse on the near beach was the main reason for the stop. Still in the dark with headlamps we walked to the beach to find the best spot. And we waited for sunrise. Tide was out and it was not easy to find interesting foreground on empty sandy beach. Sunrise and light was good only slight negative was blank sky, but hey ho… landscape photographer has to work with what he have at that moment. I enjoyed to be out again and I have some decent shots from the morning.
Next plan was to go to Anglesey and check some coastal locations. First we stopped at Rhoscolyn. Sun was high and we walked along the beach to explore. I did not do any pictures here. Next and final stop was planned on the coast not very far from Rhoscolyn village. Coast is dramatic with the cliffs and sea stacks.

Anglesey Coast, North Wales 2014
Anglesey Coast, North Wales 2014

Evening was good but I struggled a bit with composition, nevertheless I enjoyed the day. It was a great trip.

Ynys Môn (Anglesey)

Nikon D700,20mm,Lee ND grad 0.9

It’s been a long winter this year.We had snow here in England on some places, even after Easter.But time has come and I went out with my camera again.

First time I have been to Anglesey not long time ago in December 2012. Straight away I fell in love with the place. I had to come back. This time I wanted to see more , lot more…

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Last phototrip of 2012

Nikon D700,20/2.8 mm,Lee Filters

When I was asked to join my friends for photo trip in December, I have to admit, I was excited. Destination was Anglesey,  an island off the north west coast of Wales.

This year’s december was very wet, South part of Wales was flooded and it was raining when we set off from Nottingham. Our main goal was to photograph sunset on Black Point, especially Penmon Lighthouse  on the coast .

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