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Tiny little project

This project started as a joke one day when I was was waiting for the light. Playing with the phone i took a quick shot of my camera setup in the ¬†landscape. Actually it was not a project at that stage. Just a record shot from the photo trip …. Continue reading “Tiny little project”

Going back…to the future


One of my New Years Intentions ( I like the word Intention better than Resolution) was to slow down and try to shoot more analog.
I’m feeling that modern photography has put way too much emphasis on technology lately and magic of creating the picture is somehow slowly disappearing.

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Morning at Bradgate

Nikon D700, Lee Grad ND 0.6

Bradgate park is an historic Mediaeval park in the heart of the ancient Charnwood Forest. It retains much of its original landscape with small woods, grassy slopes and rocky outcrops. Swithland Wood – 146 acres of Ancient Woodland. It is Leicestershire’s largest, most visited country park and was originally created as a deer park . Red and fallow deer can still be seen feeding among the bracken.

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