Medium Format : Picture of the week

Medium format: Picture of the week

Salwicks Bay, Flamborough head, Yorkshire coast  UK 2017 
Hasselblad 503CW f22/10sec +0.9LEE Filter 80mm
Salwicks Bay, Flamborough head, Yorkshire coast  UK 2017 Hasselblad 503CW f22/10sec +0.9LEE Filter 80mm

Quiet morning at Salwicks Bay, Flamborough head, Yorkshire coast  UK 2017 

QMC Exhibition

QMC Exhibition

We are exhibiting again!

Together with Nottingham Vision Collective, I will be exhibiting my work in QMC hospital  Peggy Greenfield Gallery, West Block, D Floor.

The QMC exhibition is open from 11/10/2017 until 25/10/2017 open 24 hours a day. Admission is free.

You are all welcome to come and visit.

more info:

States of America exhibition

States of America

States of America exhibition

Last night was the opening of the “States of America” exhibition in Nottingham Contemporary. I was there.

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Exhibition – Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society

The Nottingham Outlaws photographic society (NOPS) is an inspiring and friendly camera club based very close where I live. It was just natural, that I joined this club to share my passion for photography. This year NOPS is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since I joined I made good friends there and I also won a few competitions …

To celebrate 25 years of society, we have prepared an exhibition of our recent work at beautiful Nottingham Castle. I was honoured to put two of my pictures for the exhibition, which makes me very proud.

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