Welsh 3000ft Project

Welsh 3000ft Project

Welsh 3000ft project.

15 mountains in Wales are higher than 3000ft. Some people can do all of them in one single walk. But not me.

I have started this in 2009 not knowing, that I have actually started the project. I climbed the Snowdon in 2013 and officially started my Project Welsh 3000. Continue reading “Welsh 3000ft Project”

Tryfan – more walking than a shooting day out

Tryfan, Snowdonia 2015
Tryfan, Snowdonia 2015

…walking the last few meters to the place where we had to turn around in March. I’m happy to be here again….
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Soundlands project

CWM Idwal Snowdonia National Park
CWM Idwal Snowdonia National Park

It came to me as a nice surprise. Have been contacted by people behind Soundlands project.

When I was announced as a winner of British National Park competition 2012 my winning picture was published in various publications and over the internet so that’s how they found me. But what is Soundlands?

Soundlands is offering an opportunity for sound artists to create a new sound artwork as part of the Bangor Sound City project. Two successful artists will be selected to create an installation or performance for the city of Bangor, North Wales, and Cwm Idwal, Snowdonia. The works may be original or re-worked for the new context but must not have been previously shown in Wales in any form. They will be shown between June and July 2015.

You want to know more? Here is the link to Soundlands page

CWM IDWAL-revisited

LLyn Idwal, Snowdonia, Nikon D700,Lee ND 0.6

There are many beautiful places on the Earth , Cwm Idwal must be on the top of the list. Definitely, on the top of my list for sure…

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