Art Exhibition at The Chapel Gallery

Art Exhibition at The Chapel Gallery

I am pleased to announce that the Nottingham Vision Collective has been invited to exhibit some of their work at the Chapel Gallery @ Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum from this Friday 6 – 19-th October 2017 Continue reading “Art Exhibition at The Chapel Gallery”

States of America exhibition

States of America

States of America exhibition

Last night was the opening of the “States of America” exhibition in Nottingham Contemporary. I was there.

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The Photography Show 2015

Photography Show 2015

Every year The Photography Show  is a “Must” for all photographers. Even I did not want to buy a thing, I was really looking forward for this years show. Once headliners had been announced, I knew who I want to see. Master Michael Kenna was announced as a speaker at Super stage on Sunday. Together with my friend Miro we booked the tickets and I get Michael’s book ready to take with me.

When Sunday 22 april 2015 came, I was ready. Photography Show was good,exciting and very busy. I spent some money on Lee filters and some Fuji Velvia 50 slide films. Other than that I was only browsing around, checking new Manfrotto tripods , Nikon and Hasselblad  stands and all the others.

What I like about the show is that every photographer can find something interesting for whatever he’s doing.

Kenna’s talk started at 11 and I’ve been sitting in a second row from the front. Master Kenna talked for about 1.5 hour and it was very inspirational. At the end I walked up the stage to as him to sign the book . He gladly did a we had a short chat.

Michael Kenna talk. Photography Show 2015
Me with master Kenna. Photography Show 2015
signed book...
signed book



An evening with David Noton

David Noton

It is tradition now. Every year Nottingham and Notts photographic society is organising photo talks with masters of photography. This year I had a chance to see David Noton. David is one of the best British/World landscape and travel photographers.

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