Chrome Hill

Chrome Hill from High Wheeldon, Peak District 2015
Chrome Hill from High Wheeldon, Peak District 2015
Chrome Hill from High Wheeldon, Peak District 2015

Chrome Hill is my favourite place. It’s located on the Derbyshire side of the upper Dove valley in Peak District National Park.

Together with Parkhouse Hill are distinctive and easy recognisable hills in the landscape.

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White Peak- Pilsbury Castle

Just to clarify, Pilsbury Castle is a place its not a castle…..anymore….

The castle was probably originally an Iron Age fortification before being used by the Normans, and indeed the name “Pilsbury Castle” forms from the Celtic “pil”, the Saxon “bury” and the Norman “castle”, all meaning “fortified site”. In early medieval times, the site would have been located along the River Dove routeway, and would also have overlooked a key crossing point.By the twentieth century there was little to see except for a mound on a limestone outcrop and the remains of various earthworks. At the beginning of the present century, however, archaeological surveys revealed the foundations of the castle. Very rich history indeed, but as usually I was interested more to explore place from photographic point of view.

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Summer evening at The Roaches

Nikon D700,18-35 mm, Cokin ND

I knew I will come back here. As I already said  before , this place has got plenty of opportunities for photographers. With weather like this summer, chances to catch good light are questionable, but I’m still trying.

I started from Nottingham after 4 pm and on the way to the Peaks I stopped to pick my friend Tony, who was my company for the day. As we went, it was raining and on the left side of the road was dark cloud , but on the other side we could clearly see blue sky.Weather was changing very quickly. It very was promising, because this is what we (landscape) photographers want. Bit of a drama in the sky….

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A trip to the past – Thor’s cave and Stone circles of Peak District

Nikon D700,18-35 mm, Cokin ND


I decided, this year I would like to focus on White Peak. South-West part of Peak District National Park. There are so many beautiful places, maybe not visible on first sight.The more I go,the more I like this place. It’s got no high peaks or great lakes but there is something there…

This time I wanted to visit Thor’s cave. Thor’s cave is a natural cavern located  in the Manifold Valley of the White Peak in Staffordshire, England. Located in a steep limestone crag, the cave entrance, a symmetrical arch 7.5 metres wide and 10 metres high, is prominently visible from the valley bottom, around 80 metres (260 feet) below.

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