The Photography Show 2015

Photography Show 2015

Every year The Photography Show  is a “Must” for all photographers. Even I did not want to buy a thing, I was really looking forward for this years show. Once headliners had been announced, I knew who I want to see. Master Michael Kenna was announced as a speaker at Super stage on Sunday. Together with my friend Miro we booked the tickets and I get Michael’s book ready to take with me.

When Sunday 22 april 2015 came, I was ready. Photography Show was good,exciting and very busy. I spent some money on Lee filters and some Fuji Velvia 50 slide films. Other than that I was only browsing around, checking new Manfrotto tripods , Nikon and Hasselblad  stands and all the others.

What I like about the show is that every photographer can find something interesting for whatever he’s doing.

Kenna’s talk started at 11 and I’ve been sitting in a second row from the front. Master Kenna talked for about 1.5 hour and it was very inspirational. At the end I walked up the stage to as him to sign the book . He gladly did a we had a short chat.

Michael Kenna talk. Photography Show 2015
Me with master Kenna. Photography Show 2015
signed book...
signed book