Tiny little project

This project started as a joke one day when I was was waiting for the light. Playing with the phone i took a quick shot of my camera setup in the  landscape. Actually it was not a project at that stage. Just a record shot from the photo trip ….

As time went, I took quite a few shots of my camera on my phone and also processed them in phone app then and there on the spot. One day looking into my archive it hit me! What if I put final picture together with behind the scene record? At that point I had my idea for this Tiny little project….


Behind the light 5


Behind the light 1

Behind the light 3

Behind the light 4

I’m happy to announce that “Nikon edition” is out know  and I have to say I’m very pleased.

Printed with www.blurb.co.uk as a trade book it looks very nice.

Are you interested to see inside the book? Look here:

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