Tryfan – more walking than a shooting day out

Tryfan, Snowdonia 2015
Tryfan, Snowdonia 2015

…walking the last few meters to the place where we had to turn around in March. I’m happy to be here again….

Together with my friend Chris we had to do this. To climb Tryfan (3010ft) – one of the 3000ft mountains in Snowdonia National park.The first attempt in March 2015 failed due to weather conditions, when we were nearly blown off of the mountain.
This time it’s a different story, weather was improving quickly and it looks like today we can make it!
By any means this is not a photographic trip and I have none of my equipment with me. I love walking and this trip is all about enjoying the landscape.
Saying all that, I had my trusted friend Nikon D700 with me + set of Lee filters to record our trip.

We choose quite a popular track via The Heather Terrace and the walk is nice and not very hard.Stopping to do a few GoPro shots for Chris’s video and I had to walk up to setup the camera then walk back down and go up again. To be a movie star is not an easy job :-).
Then I’m walking to the place where we turned around last time.Sun is out and views are breathtaking. It’s time to do few hand-held landscape shots of the valley below me while I’m waiting for Chris.
Finally we reached the top and enjoyed the view.

View from Tryfan, Snowdonia 2015
View from Tryfan, Snowdonia 2015

Down we went and we carried on with our trek towards Y Foel Goch(2641ft) and Gallt yr Ogof (2503ft) and then back to the valley where we parked.

I don’t think any of the shots from this trip will make my gallery, but I have enjoyed this trip a lot.

Have a look at the movie made by Chris Newham ( :


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