Twistleton Scar-Hawthorn Tree hunting

Yorkshire Dales 2012

Twistleton Scar-Hawthorn Tree hunting


I have seen pictures from this place so many times. But I never realised they are from Yorkshire…

All of it started when my friend from Nottingham Outlaws (our camera club) sent me a picture of this place, asking if I would like to go with him there for sunrise. I sent a reply straight away, …” of course, I can’t wait “.

I have never been to Yorkshire Dales before. A few times before I passed this national park , but I never stopped there. Now it was time for me to go  …

As I said I had never been there, so I started to do my homework with research. TPE helps a lot and also did internet. I knew what is there, but what I didn’t know was where it is…

Twistleton Scar

It was still dark when we walked up to to the scar. Soon, I left my friends behind me and with a headlamp, I started to search for the famous hawthorn trees. As I turn left I lost the path and Chris and Derek passed me in the dark. I found trees and started to shoot and morning looked promising. Twistleton Scar is a strange place, on one hand, it can give you a mass of ingredients for the shot but on the other hand its empty, rather sad place. The morning was beautiful, amazing lights in the sky, snow on the hills in the background, limestones and trees. It was a great pleasure for me to take out my Nikon FM2 and do some classic shot on Fuji Velvia 50. The rising sun found me wandering around plato looking for right spots. Sunrise was amazing this morning, but I’m not sure if I did the most of it. See a few shots from this morning below:

Shot with Nikon D700, 20mm, Cokin ND
Camera Nikon D700, 20mm, Cokin ND
Nikon D700, 18-35mm, Cokin ND


 Finally, I found my friends working hard to capture sunrise and shooting away. We decided to walk further to look for more hawthorn trees…

It was a great day and really enjoyed it. If somebody asks me will you go again? My answer will be – definitely yes.

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