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MPP MkVII and Olympus Pen EE-3

Do you remember when I told you about the latest addition to my photo family?

This year I have TWO new cameras already! When you look at the format they truly cannot be far apart. The smallest and the largest formats ( not exactly true…) they are out there.

I’m not the one who buys a lot of gear. Trust me, two new cameras in the first half of the year is a lot for me. 

Here they are:

Olympus PEN EE-3

Not sure why I wanted a half-frame camera. Maybe because you can do 72 shots on 1 roll of 35 mm film, which seems to be like a great saving solution. Also, the idea of making diptychs and triptychs in the camera is pretty cool. I had saved eBay search for this type of camera and occasionally look at it to see what’s available. And there it was! A nice copy of the camera just waiting for me. There was no other way to go around, I had to buy it… GAS started to kick out. 🙂

I’m not going to do any review here, you can find plenty of reviews on the internet (here). Design of this thing is amazing, I love it.  Pen EE-3 is a great little camera, I passed it to my son and he started to shoot it. Now it’s his camera. 🙂 

MPP Micro Technical MkVII 

It all started when one of my colleagues at work mentioned that he wants to buy a drone. That made me think. Do I really enjoy my drone that much? If I sell the drone what should I buy with the money? More I was thinking about it it became more clear that my heart is not in drone photography. Don’t get me wrong I had a good time flying the Mavic, but I know that taking still shots is the way I enjoy photography the most. So I have sold the drone a decided to do a jump into yet another photographic system. Large-format photography.

Originally, I purchased TOYO 4×5 field camera with 150mm lens, but after I have paid, the company rang me to say that they are really sorry but they don’t have the camera in stock 🙁 …

So I went on eBay and after a couple of days, there was a great offer on MPP Micro Technical MkVII 4×5 field camera with 6 film holders and other accessories in the original leather case.  


MPP Micro Technical MkVII

I was so excited when the camera arrived. It is so heavy but beautiful. A direct copy of Linhoff Technika. I quickly realised that I know nothing… Quickly ordered few books from Amazon to help me to learn my way around Large format. ( hopefully, I will do a review in my Photographers library series…)

It took a week of practice for me to gain some confidence and take the camera out. So stay tuned for the results.


MPP Micro Technical MkVII


MPP Micro Technical MkVII


So here they are. My two new cameras. I hope I will like and use them a lot.

What is your favourite camera? Do you shoot 4×5 film?

Let me know in the comment box below!

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