Why do I keep doing this?

Why do I keep doing this?

It’s 2:30 am and my alarm clock is going crazy. I’m quickly out of my bed, trying not to wake up the whole house…. Why I’m doing this???

Is there any reason why we are chasing the light?

Sitting in a car, I’m feeling sleepy.It’s a good job Chris is driving today. It’s 3 more hours to go until we reach our destination. I’m gladly taking the back seat so I can have a nap. Why I’m doing this? I’m asking myself and trying to find a more comfortable position in the back of the car. Half asleep I’m listening conversation between Derek and Chris…..

We are finally here, and it’s still dark. With headlamps, we are trying to find a path down the cliff. I should stay in my bed…. Why do I keep doing this?

Working hard at Loch Maree, Scotland  2013.  Picture by Robo Stefanka
Working hard at Loch Maree, Scotland  2013.  Picture by Robo Stefanka

Luckily it’s not cold and it looks like we may have a light this morning.

I’m standing on the shore and automatically looking for the possible compositions. Sun starts to rise and clouds are red. At this point, adrenalin is rushing in my head and I’m frantically measuring the exposure and setting up my camera. The first exposure is done and I’m quickly moving along for second exposure, light is still good, even better than a few moments ago….

I’m in photographic nirvana…trying to make as many exposures as possible. Then the sun is up high and best light is gone. I finally looking around to see where am I. Place is strange and beautiful at the same time and I am glad I have made the effort this morning.

Then it hit me …… Those moments when first light touches the sea or land is the reason why I’m doing this. It’s not easy to explain this and  I’m not even going to try. It’s not just about photos, it’s about the emotions and I can tell you this: true magic happens. You just need to make an effort to be ready for it…..

With a bit of luck, I will have a little bit of that magical light on my film. And if no, it’s OK. Feelings and memories will stay forever.

Here it is to the next trip!

Fairy pools Isle of Skye, Scotland. Photo by Robo Stefanka
Fairy pools Isle of Skye, Scotland. Photo by Robo Stefanka

Are you also chasing the light? Do your friends think you are bit bonkers?

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One thought on “Why do I keep doing this?

  1. LOL none photographers think we are bonkers but we do what it takes to be at the chosen spot at the right time to wait and hope that the light will be beautiful and the creative muse will inspire us to make beautiful photos.

    When it all comes together the pain of not sleeping is soon forgotten and regardless for that one morning a week I would rather be there watching, waiting taking in the quite of the morning and reconnecting with nature.
    It also helps when the people you are with are like minded and fun to be with even if they sleep on the journey to location 😉

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