Padley Gorge in B&W

I wish I have more time to go out and shoot. It’s only weekends, mostly Sunday mornings when I can go out with my camera. It is not much but honestly, I am grateful for that.

The forecast for this morning was sunny intervals so Chris and Derek I decided to go for a traditional autumnal morning shoot in a very popular Padley Gorge.

When we parked the car the sky was on fire, truly amazing colours. So I thought we will have some good light to play with. But I couldn’t be more wrong. Sun disappeared behind the clouds and there was no light, only 18% grey sky. In this kind of light there is not much point to using colour, so I went full B&W.

Here are the shots:

What do you think, was this a mistake? Should I do colour as well? I’m not sure myself.

Have you been to Padley Gorge? Which part is your favourite? Let me know below!

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