First sunrise trip of 2022

Carhead rocks, Peak District 2022

Although not the first photo trip of 2022, this was the first sunrise trip to Peaks this year. The location was new to me as for some unknown reason I haven’t been there yet. Carhead rock is a very interesting location. Hidden below the Stanage Edge, Carhead Rocks is one of the lesser-known edges in the Peak District National Park.

First sunrise trip of 2022
Carhead rocks morning, Peak District winter 2022

Quick research showed me one of the prominent features of this landscape – The Knuckle stone. Something I would definitely like to take picture of. I took my trusted Hasselblad and loaded it with Kodak Ektar 100, my favourite colour negative.

First sunrise trip of 2022
Knuckle Stone, Carhead rocks Peak District 2022

The first sunrise trip of 2022 started with a nice calm morning and I was ready to shoot it. I stood on the location well in advance so I had enough time to find a composition. This location is really nice. With Stanage Edge in the background, compositional possibilities have no limits.

First sunrise trip of 2022
Carhead rocks Peak District 2022

The light was challenging this morning, 5EV difference to start with. Although the colour negative film has a wider dynamic range I had to use ND filters.0.9 Reverse and 0.6 combined should do the trick I thought. It was a great shoot. I really liked the location. Super easy to get to and has many possibilities.

Carhead rocks view

The conclusion

It will be ideal to close this story with actual shots from the morning, but I still have not processed the film. Awaiting for fresh C-41 chemistry any day now. Hopefully, I will have some shots to show.

Stay tuned for the shots! Let me know if you have been to Carhead rocks before and what is your favourite location in the comment box below!

May the light be with you!

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