Photographer’s library: Charity shop findings

Photographer's library: Charity shop findings

With charity shops, it is always a gamble. Sometimes you are lucky and most of the time you are not. The same happened to me the other day. For a long time, I had no luck and did not find anything of interest. This time I found not one but three interesting books at the same time in the same shop. Let’s talk about my photographer’s library: Charity shop findings.

Photographer’s library: LARRY BARTLETT’S BLACK AND WHITE photographic printing workshop

Larry Bartlett’s Black and White photographic printing workshop

The first book I’m going to talk about is Larry Bartlett’s Black and White photographic printing workshop. I really want to go back to the darkroom and print on my own and this book explains how to make great prints. The author explains the process very clearly and takes you step by step through some of his great prints, such as the one of Mother Theresa. Understanding the sequence and workflow is essential in moving from a basic printer to another level. 

Photographer’s library: Charity shop findings

Photographer’s library: Colour Photography: A Working manual by Henry Horenstein

Color Photography

I had this book on my Amazon wish list for a long time. I wanted something basic for understanding Colour photography printing. This book is full of very helpful concepts and priceless information to anyone looking to get into colour photography. I was quite excited to pick it up.

Color Photography

Photographer’s library: ZONE SYSTEM FOR FINE B&W PHOTOGRAPHY by J.Schaefer

Zone System

This book is much more technical then previous two. Authors descriptions are excellent, but it is a complex subject and the book is for serious study and not for skimming through. Saying all, that I am really happy that I bought this book. It is truly excellent and I would recommend it to all photographers interested in analogue B&W photography.


To conlude this I would say each of the books I have purchased from charity shops will have permanent place in my library . I hope I will start process colour photographs at some point and will use Henry Horenstein’s book a lot.

Do you buy books at the charity shops? Whats your biggest score? Let me know below!

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