Photographer’s Library: Aspects of Expression

Photographer’s Library: Aspects of Expression by Paul Gallagher, published 2008 by Argentum

Sometimes you just need to be a bit lucky. I was this time. During my random visit to the charity shop, I’ve spotted this book on the shelf. Picked it up and had a quick scan through it. I paid £3  and took the book away with me.

Before this random encounter, I was not aware of the work of Paul Gallagher but foreword by Joe Cornish assured me that this will be an interesting read.

About the book

The book is divided into three main parts:

  • Aspects of Expression:  Light – Emotion – Vision – Expression
  • Methods
  • The images

Through the first chapter, Paul offers explanations of curves and how to enhance the images. Most of the images are accompanied by an explanation of how the images were made. More than technical description he gives out his thoughts about light, emotions, vision and expression. What I’m missing is a more darkroom-based explanation but all in all it’s a good read.

In the section Methods, the author is talking about the Camera & Kit, Film, Computers and computer techniques, Printer and papers. It is interesting to read about Paul’s hybrid approach to photography and you can find some good tips there.

The last part of the book is dedicated to Images. I think this is my most favourite part of the book. Each image used in the book has attached the story about it with added technical data. It’s a great insight into Paul Gallagher’s work.

So, what’s the overall verdict on this book, you ask? I think the book is an interesting read with a unique approach. I personally would like to read more about the classic darkroom approach, but I can see how this can be useful for photographers with a hybrid workflow. Overall I like this book and I would recommend it to any photographer. 

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What’s your favourite photography book? What is the most valuable book in your library? Let me know below! 

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