Biblioscapes is a digital library of photo books that features photographers from around the world. It covers a variety of subject matters, themes and styles and includes self-published and handmade books. Biblioscapes is a project created by Euan a Scottish amateur artist based in Glasgow in the West of Scotland.

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I was checking the weather forecast obsessively for weeks. Hoped that for my day off work weather will turn decent. When I checked the forecast the evening before the day, it looked promising. Mixed weather with sunny spells but with a chance of snowing. Nice! Let’s get lost in the wilderness.

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Carhead rocks, Peak District 2022

First sunrise trip of 2022

Although not the first photo trip of 2022, this was the first sunrise trip to Peaks this year. The location was new to me as for some unknown reason I haven’t been there yet. Carhead rock is a very interesting location. Hidden below the Stanage Edge, Carhead Rocks is one of the lesser-known edges in the Peak District […]

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