Photographer’s Library : Analog Photography – Reference manual for shooting film

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A book by Andrew Bellamy.

Softcover First English edition 2017 (c)Princeton Architectural Press edition 2019

Photographer’s Library: Analog Photography

Since my last Photographer’s Library blog post I acquired quite a few books and its time to introduce a few of them to you.

Firstly let me tell you this. Analog Photography – Reference manual for shooting film is truly for everybody, not just for beginners. This book is beautifully designed and I wanted to buy it since I discovered it on the net.


The book is divided into 6 chapters:

  • General nomenclature
  • Lenses
  • Speeds & Exposure
  • Effects of Aperture & Shutter speed
  • Film and Filters

Simple as that. All chapters clearly explain all things related to analogue photography. So if you are new to all this it will be easy for you to get grip on terminology and photography jargon. It does not end here, there is a lot of diagrams and pictures ( all beautifully designed) which helps a lot. If you are an experienced photographer you will still find it fascinating to go through all photography principles.


Book is beautifully made and all book lovers will appreciate the textured cover and the slightly thick off-white pages. You will have an illusion of old vintage camera manuals when you list through the book from cover to cover.

Florian Kaps, founder of Polaroid Originals wrote :

“A few years ago, it would have been unthinkable for you to be reading these words printed with real ink on real paper,”

I cannot agree more.

So to conclude this review I would recommend this book to everyone. Go and get it while you can. It is a truly beautiful and useful book to have. You will not be disappointed.

This book was published by and can be bought from Ars-Imagio or you can order it from VETRO.

What’s your favourite photography book?

Let me know below.




Photographer’s Library : Elements – The Making of Fine Monochrome Prints

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A book by Barry Thornton.

Hardcover Second edition 1997 (c)Creative Monochrome Ltd, Printed in England by Saunders&Williams Ltd

Photographer’s Library: Elements

Author Barry Thornton was regarded as one of the most technically accomplished photographers in the country. Also, he was known as bestseller author of books Elements and Edge of Darkness. Although Barry past away you can still find his articles on the internet. The link is  HERE.


Photographer’s Library : Odyssey and Photographs

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Four National Geographic field men.

Hardcover, English edition (c)2008 National Geographic Society

Who does not know The National Geographic Society?  I am sure there are not that many people here not knowing what I am talking about. 


Photographer’s Library : Magnum Landscape

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Magnum Landscape First published 1996

English Edition (c)1996 Phaidon Press Limited [Hardcover]

Magnum photo agency is an international photographic cooperative owned by its photographer-members, with offices in New York City, Paris, London, and Tokyo. Probably the most known photography agency in the world with archive including photographs depicting family life, drugs, religion, war, poverty, famine, crime, government, and celebrities. This book is a bit different, as it’s all about landscapes around us as seen by members of the Magnum.


Photographer’s Library : Galen Rowell

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Photographer’s Library: Galen Rowell

I’m not entirely sure where to start with this one. This will be a multiple review, as I do own quite a few (5) of Galen Rowell’s books.


Photographer’s library – Masters of Landscape Photography

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Photographer’s library – Masters of Landscape Photography

First published 2017 by Ammonite Press

This book came to me as a very nice surprise. I get it for Christmas.

Nicely presented, this book brings together work of 16 of the world’s leading landscape photographers. (more…)

Tiny little project

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This project started as a joke one day when I was was waiting for the light. Playing with the phone i took a quick shot of my camera setup in the  landscape. Actually it was not a project at that stage. Just a record shot from the photo trip …. (more…)

Photographer’s Library : Jimmy Nelson – Before They Pass Away

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Originally, this was supposed to be a review of a completely different book. But I had a delivery on Saturday….
Yes, all my notes about the previous book went to one side, and I had to write a few lines about this beautiful new addition to my photographic library. The title of the book is “Before they pass away” by Jimmy Nelson.


Photographers Library : Sebastiao Salgado GENESIS

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I remember the first time I saw one of Salgado’s most famous pictures. I was amazed. It was one from The Workers project where man is trying to stop leaking oil set on fire. Since then I was hooked and became a huge fan of Salgado’s work.


An evening with Charlie Waite

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It’s great that Nottingham and Nott’s photographic society carry on with organizing talks with masters of photography. I was really excited to go and see this year’s lecture by Charlie Waite.