Win Hill misty morning

Win Hill morning mist , Peak District UK 2015
Win Hill morning mist , Peak District UK 2015

Autumn mornings… Yes, this is what I love about landscape photography. Dark cold mornings and waiting for the light to illuminate the landscape .

Win Hill is a well known peak in Peak District, almost surrounded by  by the River Derwent to the east, the River Noe to the south west and Ladybower Reservoir to the north.

We ascended from reservoir walking steep path up through the forest . When we reached the top, mist covered almost entire landscape and in anticipation of great sunrise we started to search for the ideal spot. I was really excited when sunrise started as whole landscape has been lit by golden light. It was amazing.

But not for long time. I expected mist to be slowly disappearing but quite opposite happened. More and more fog came over the top of the Win hill and visibility dropped.There was nothing left to do only wait….


Alone in the mist, Win Hill Peak District UK 2015
Alone in the mist, Peak District UK 2015

In in the meantime I found a geocache and Lester did my portrait with Brocken Spectre. It was good fun. There were some promises when light shone through, but at the end we had to give up. It was clear that today it’s not the day for sunrise shots. We started to pack our equipment and started descent. On our way down we stopped to photograph the forest and that was it.

On one hand beautiful, but on the other hand a bit disappointing morning. But landscape photography is not about great weather all the time…..

Promise of a light, Win H ill Peak District UK 2015
Promise of a light, Peak District UK 2015



Morning forest, Peak District UK 2015
Morning forest

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